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China or US? India must have a master strategy in this poker game

HINDUSTAN TIMES | Modi is taking India into a situation where a non-zero sum outcome in its relations with the United States and China will be increasingly unlikely.

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Will Modi-Xi Succeed in Doing What Their Predecessors Couldn’t?

NDTV | They may well have a five-year window but political time does have a way of flying faster than a normal calendar.

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Debate: How far can India and China go?

NDTV HINDI | Ravish is one of the best anchors in the business. I took part in his show on the eve of Xi Jinping’s visit and was impressed with the ground he covered.

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Look at China with confidence, not anxiety

MINT | From India’s perspective, Xi Jinping needs to ensure the preservation of peace and tranquility along the boundary

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Calibrating India’s terms for engagement with Japan

BUSINESS STANDARD | Sticking points in the India-Japan nuclear deal and how Tokyo can fix them

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Eastern promise, western fears

Indians may be suspicious of China and the Chinese of India. But it is the West which does not want to accept the strategic consequences of a rising Asia… 25 … Continue reading

January 25, 2011 · 6 Comments

Time to reset the India-China relationship

Sixty years have already elapsed without the boundary issue being settled. Waiting a few more years should not be a problem for either side, especially if it helps to ‘deterritorialise’ … Continue reading

December 15, 2010 · 3 Comments

My interview to a Chinese magazine on Obama’s visit to India

Sanlian LifeWeek, “one of the most widely circulated weekly magazines in China with 300,000 readers per week in more than 30 Chinese big cities” contacted me last week to get … Continue reading

November 17, 2010 · 8 Comments

‘Going to the media accentuates India, China differences’

The following is a partial, rush transcript of the part of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s press conference in Hua Hin, Thailand on Sunday dealing with India-China relations. The transcript was … Continue reading

October 25, 2009 · 3 Comments

India, China agree to disagree on border, not peace

Contentious issues like the boundary and water projects were discussed but not the Dalai Lama’s proposed visit to Arunachal Pradesh. Premier wen agreed that technical experts could discuss Indian concerns … Continue reading

October 25, 2009 · 2 Comments

World big enough for India and China, says Wen Jiabao

Echoing the words of Manmohan Singh from a few years back, China also tries to focus on cooperation rather than conflict… 25 October 2009The Hindu World big enough for India … Continue reading

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Manmohan to seek end to verbal sparring with China

India is aware of the political complexities of the Dalai Lama’s proposed visit to Arunachal Pradesh… 24 October 2009The Hindu Manmohan to seek end to verbal sparring with China Siddharth … Continue reading

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Delhi upset over separate Chinese visas for Kashmiris

The message as seen by the Indian side: China does not believe Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and is, in a sense, reiterating its intent to … Continue reading

October 1, 2009 · 6 Comments

Visa standoff leaves Kashmiri students in limbo

India will not accept China travel document that is not stamped in passport … 30 September 2009The Hindu Visa standoff leaves Kashmiri students in limbo Siddharth Varadarajan New Delhi: Chinese … Continue reading

October 1, 2009 · 2 Comments