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Why MoD should release video of the Pakistan boat exploding

Daily O | What the defence ministry forgot was that their initial press release had itself spoken of an explosion that the men on board had set off

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What Amit Shah Is Doing Wrong in Bihar and Bengal

NDTV |The political soil of Bengal, as well as Assam and Odisha, is fertile for the BJP – provided the party is willing to grow organically

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Make No Mistake. This Is Modi’s Defeat

NDTV | As we look beyond Delhi for the national implications of the BJP’s spectacular defeat, two questions loom large: one for the BJP, the other for the opposition

February 11, 2015 · 1 Comment

Piercing the MEA’s fog on Section 46 of supplier liability for nuclear accidents

The Ministry of External Affairs has released a deeply problematic document on the nuclear liability issue in an attempt to mollify US suppliers

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Kejriwal’s Willingness to Say ‘Sorry’ Has Paid Off

NDTV | Whether AAP wins or not, it has dealt itself right back in to the political game

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How BJP Killed Its Chances in Delhi

NDTV | Its 3M strategy — Modi, money and mud — has so far failed to make a dent in the Aam Aadmi Party’s growing popularity

February 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

When Jayanthi Natarajan Found Her Conscience

NDTV | Had her ‘letter bomb’ been drafted before word leaked of the CBI being unleashed against her, it might have had greater explosive charge.

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China or US? India must have a master strategy in this poker game

HINDUSTAN TIMES | Modi is taking India into a situation where a non-zero sum outcome in its relations with the United States and China will be increasingly unlikely.

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How Modi’s Trust was Won by Jaishankar

NDTV | The man Modi has just brought in as Foreign Secretary will be the most powerful diplomat the Ministry of External Affairs has seen in decades

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10 Questions Modi and Obama Should Have Been Asked

NDTV | Reporters attend a press conference to get news, not to massage the ego of national leaders or let them waffle. So what could they have asked Modi or Obama?

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Obama and Modi Have Taken Big Steps. What Next?

NDTV | The real action is in two documents of strategic significance, the ‘US-India Joint Strategic Vision for the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Region’ & the ’10-year Framework for the US-India Defence Relationship’

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Why Obama Is Going to India

HUFFINGTON POST | Expect a big push on nuclear commerce and a joint US-India enterprise towards China

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Why India should say no to US demand to dilute its nuclear liability law

SCROLL | The Modi government should resist pressure from Barack Obama and the US to change key provisions to favour foreign supplier of reactors

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An Attack on the Right to Liberty

MINT | The Greenpeace activist is entitled to her view. The government was at fault when it stopped her from going abroad without just cause

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