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Toujours en attente…

Knowing that the Indian government is notoriously stingy with information, I asked the French for a copy of the grandly titled ‘Co-operation agreement Between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the French Republic on the Development of Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy’ that was signed by Anil Kakodkar of the Atomic Energy Commission and French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner in Paris on September 30.

Yesterday, I received the following reply:

Unfortunately this agreement is not yet public, as its ratification process has first to be completed.

If there are any readers of this blog who care to shed light on what this “ratification process” involves and how long it will take, please enlighten me. And if one of you has the text, you know where to email it already…!

2 comments on “Toujours en attente…

  1. Sukla Sen
    October 8, 2008

    These agreements would be effective only after India finally subscribes to the India-IAEA Agreement. Maybe that’s a part of the process.Otherwise “ratification” would normally mean parliamentary ratification after the executive has concluded it subject to ratification. That’s what is the case with the CTBT.But this cannot be kept under wraps for too long. The NSG waiver includes provision for exchange of info amongst the members as regards trade with India. So don’t worry about that!

  2. Anonymous
    October 2, 2008

    It makes sense that this agreement has not been made public. It should not, for at least several years. If the agreement gives anything on unconditional reprocessing or ENR technology, or fuel supply assurances, it will only give Daryl Kimball and his band of NPAs another reason to try to get GOTUS to arm-twist the French.Anyway, if there is any chance it is going to be leaked, you can bet that Daryl or one of his tribe will get hold of it for the whole world’s benefit.Remember, NSG members were “invited” in the India waiver to share their agreements. Don’t know how many nations will take up this invitation.

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