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123 a done deal

Both sides say they’ve done it. Preliminary digging by me suggests the Indian side got what it wanted. But I would want to learn more before writing on where things stand now.

India-US Joint Press Statement on the conclusion of meetings on the US-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs R. Nicholas Burns and Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon held four days of meetings in Washington July 17-20, 2007, on the US-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative, including talks on bilateral agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation, also known as the 123 agreement.

2. In addition, National Security Advisor M.K.Narayanan and Foreign Secretary Menon met with Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rice, Secretary Gates, and with the U.S. National Security Advisor Stephen P.Hadley.

3. The discussions were constructive and positive, and both Under Secretary Burns and Foreign Secretary Menon are pleased with the substantial progress made on the outstanding issues in the 123 agreement. We will now refer the issue to our governments for final review.

4. Both the United States and India look forward to the completion of these remaining steps and to the conclusion of this historic Initiative.

July 21, 2007

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