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UNSG race: Who gets to vote?

If India drops its proposal of having the General Assembly consider a slate of two or more candidates, then the next Secretary-General will be chosen by the 15 countries who are members of the Security Council.

Members likely to back Tharoor from the start: France, Greece

Members who may be induced to back him if India lobbies hard: Argentina, Britain, Congo-Brazaville, Ghana, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Tanzania

Members whom India can induce not to use the veto: China, United States

Others: Denmark, Japan, Slovakia

One comment on “UNSG race: Who gets to vote?

  1. mineguruji
    July 12, 2006

    Shashi Tharoor, i believe does not have it in him to become a UN Secretary General. He is too sophisticated and elite as well as an average writer. Someone else would have been more game.

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